Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Worn Out Color Palette for Simmers

A free to use color palette I made for Simmers! Feel free to use the palette for whatever you wish. Just be sure to link back to this post, please and thank you!

Unfortunately, these are not Photoshop actions, but you are more than welcome to make actions with the palette. I use GIMP, so I have included a GIMP palette download for anyone who would like to use it. [click the download button below]

For others, here is a list of the color codes you can copy and paste to your hearts desire. [The names come from ColourLovers]

Notice Me - 271623
Stole Me a Horse - 2B2635
Leaving You - 433232
Catastrophe - 6A644C
Holds a Secret - 85805E
Blue-ester - 2B2044
Summer Love - 3C666A
Tax Break - 4C8B7C
Gum Leaf - A8C3A9
Hide - CED0A9
Wine and Plum - 6E1E2F
Loulou - 4E3446
Fishing for Shrimp - 6D6F74
Gray Matter - 7A8E8B
Cascade - 91B499

For GIMP users:
In case you aren't familiar with installing palettes, here's a little step by step.

1. Download the file below.
2. Extract the .zip file.
3. Move the .gpl file to this location: C:\Users\YOURNAME\.gimp-2.8\palettes [YOURNAME will be replaced with whatever your computer account's name is]
4. Load up GIMP and the palette should show up in your palettes dialog

If there are any problems with the download or you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment below! Enjoy!


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